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 FSH-A813             AMOS813


Number of   axles:           2    
Wheel base: 2030    
Length: 2900  
Width: 1735  
Height: 1415  
Mass of the vehicle (with bodywork) in running order: 500± 3 kg  
Unladen mass of the vehicle: 495± 3 kg  
Technically permissible maximum laden mass: 760 kg  
Distribution of this mass among the axles:  
1, 250kg 2, 510kg    
Technically permissible mass on each axle:  
1, 300kg 2, 550kg  
Maximum vertical load at the coupling point for a trailer:  
Engine manufacturer: Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd.  
Engine type as marked on the engine:
Working principle: spark ignition, four stroke  
Number and arrangement of cylinders: 3,LI  
Cylinder capacity: 813  
Fuel: petrol  
Maximum net power or maximum continuous rated power as applicable:  
14.77 KW at 2399 Min-1  
Ratio: maximum net power or maximum continuous rated power/mass of the vehicle in running order: 0.029 (KW/kg)  
Gearbox (type): M  
Gear ratios: 1,16.889 2,9.521 3,6.177 4,4.540 5,3.700 R.15.808  
Tyre size designation:  
Axle 1: 165/70R14   Axle 2: 195/60R14  
Body: no        
Number and configuration of doors : ---  
Number and position of seats: 2 r1:1L , r1:1R  
Approval mark of coupling device, if fitted: not applicable  
Maximum speed: 80km/h  
Sound level : 97/24/EC chapter 9, with amending of 2006/27/EC  
Stationary:77dB(A) at engine speed: 1800 min-1  
Drive-by: 80 dB(A)  
Exhaust emissions: 97/24/EC chapter 5, annex 2 with amending of 2006/120/EC, implementation stage B  


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