THE 15-FEET INFLATABLE BOAT SATURN The 15 feet inflatable boat SATURN SD470 is a heavy-duty workboat excellent for any water based activity, such as fishing, day trips or scuba diving. The SD470 is a recent addition to the  
Verð kr. 441.827

THE 14-FEET SATURN INFLATABLE BOAT The 14 feet SD430 is a heavy-duty inflatable workboat, great for water rescue, diving or day trips almost anywhere. SATURN SD430 boats have been used by many Fire-Rescue and Emergency depa 
Verð kr. 372.630

THE 13-FEET SATURN INFLATABLE BOAT The 13-feet SATURN inflatable boat SD385 is one of the largest SATURN motor boats available. The SD385 is great as a fishing boat for 4-5 people, or as large dinghy to carry up to 6 person 
Verð kr. 344.841

THE 12-FEET INFLATABLE BOAT SATURN The 12-feet inflatable boat SATURN SD365 is the largest dinghy that is available with a high-pressure inflatable air floor. SD365 boats are longer and wider than 11ft SD330 models, and tak 
Verð kr. 310.104

THE 11-FEET SATURN SD330 INFLATABLE The 11-feet SATURN SD330 inflatable boat is our BEST selling model. The SD330 will take up to a 15 HP short shaft motor and will carry up to 5 people maximum or 4 people comfortably. The S 
Verð kr. 282.313

THE 9'6" SATURN INFLATABLE BOAT SD2 The 9'6" SATURN Inflatable boat SD290 is excellent as a tender for a yacht or sailboat or as a life raft in case of an emergency. SD290 inflatable dinghies take up to a 10 HP short shaft o 
Verð kr. 261.195

THE 8'6" SATURN SD260 INFLATABLE BO The 8'6" SATURN SD260 inflatable boat is one of the smallest dinghies available with a high pressure air floor. A reliable tender is about the most important piece of equipment that a crui 
Verð kr. 233.404

7'6" SATURN SATURN SD230 INFLATABLE 7'6" SATURN SATURN SD230 inflatable boat is a smallest dinghies available with high-pressure inflatable air floor. It can be used as a small tender for yacht or sailboat to carry 2-3 peopl 
Verð kr. 177.824

ROKINON 9X65 NIGHT VISION 50+ BINOC Engineered and built to exacting standards 9x power Multi-layer INFRA-VUE ruby-coated front objective lenses Superior optical resolution and clarity Relative brightness factor greate 
Verð kr. 34.583

GALILEO 1260X120MM CATADIOPTRIC REF Galileo OS12R sets new standards in optical performance with the new, larger 1260MM X 120MM Optical Tube Assembly Telescope provides increased light gathering ability and clarit 
Verð kr. 42.025



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